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We are not the only Frumkins, just very proud ones, proud of Arye Leib Frumkin's heritage, and wishing to keep his name and pioneering spirit alive.

We are happy to let other "Frumkins" or associated families, contribute to our site, and find common links. As you can see the links are beginingg to happen. If this style entry is not enough, please suggest ideas to improve the format, and send me any additional information (adding some photos could be fun), which I will link in.

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Rabbi Arye Leib Frumkin Arye Leib Frumkin 1845 -1916 took the name in honour of his mother Fruma (nee Braude), and her distinguished family. He devoted his life to the dreams of the return to the land of Israel. Israel, UK, US ....... Louis Frydman - www.frumkin.org.il (this site)
Guillermo Frumkin This Frumkin Family came from Nikolayev, Kherson, Ukraine, and Guillermo Steinberg in Italy, is looking for connections. This Frumkin branch has a very interesting Frumkin Seal with a Royal Crown, and Guillermo is interested in understanding the story behind it. Argentina, Italy, USA, Israel Guillermo Steinberg

Family Tree

Alexander Sender Frumkin Family tree of Frumkin, Enquin and Rodkinson, Originally from Belarus,Duvrovne, Romni. Descendents of the Mahral from Prague.
Web - www.uftree.com/UFT/WebPages/Jacky/13GEN/index.htm
Argentina, Israel and the USA Jacqueline Laznow - mslaznow@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il
Beth DeRicco co-ordinates information on her Frumkin ancestors who came from Russia. The tree starts at Beryl Frumkin from Russia in late 1800s, with the family moving to the US in the early 1900s. US

Beth DeRicco, Ph.D.


Barney Frumkin has wants to trace his family back to Russia. All he knows is that his father - Hyman Frumkin, was born in Vitebsk, in Belarus, and emigrated to the US as a teen-age boy in the late 1890's. He is looking for information on any Frumkins who came from Vitebsk? US Barney Frumkin Barleen2@aol.com
Alfred Frumkin My Father, Samuel Kalman Frumkin arrived in London from Pinsk, Russia in 1917. He resided in the East End of London and married Millie Rodgun who immigrated from Russia at about the same time. They moved to the West End of London a few years later. He owned a tobacconist/sweet shop on Great Titchfield St. and had 5 children. After they lost their home in London during the bombing in September 1940 they moved to Watford, a suburb of London. In this location my father was instrumental in establishing the Watford Synagogue with Mr. Jack Goldbard, a dress manufacturer who lived in Hackney. The only other Frumkins in London at that time were the wine merchants in the East End. The Frumkin family immigrated to Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1948. US

Alfred Frumkin


Jacob Frumkin

Jacob Frumkin (1810-1872) the son of Moses Mordechai lived in Grodno. His sons lived in Kovno - 1. Gregori Hirsch (Israel Zvi) (d. 1894) married first Frida Katzenelenbogen and then to Gittel Rappoport, 2. Eli (Ilia) Frumkin married to Rebeka, 3. Yosel married to Mina. 4. Wolf Frumkin. Gregori Hirsch Frumkin had three daughters from his first marriage and had five children from his second marriage. Ilia Frumkin had six children.

Israel, US, Switzerland, France, UK

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