Sidur - Seder R Amram Gaon

When Rav Arye Leib Frumkin came to England, he found one of the original transcripts
of one of the first Prayer Books (Sidur) - Seder Rav Amram Gaon in the Bodlean Library
at Oxford University.
Rav Frumkin published the Sidur with several extensive different commentaries (in hebrew) of amazing depth a detail, including:-
- Devorim Achdim - Introduction to the times of the Rav Amaram Gaon and the period
- Mekor Habrachot - a study of the source of the blessings
- Ma'achei Lev - studies on feelings of the heart in prayer
- Magen Haelef - further explanations and related research
The original publication from 100 years ago is not readily available, but it has been republished,
With the assistance of R' Yitzchak Satz a Talmud scholar, who is amazed by the ability
of Rav Frumkin to have put together such a scholarly work.

The publication is in two volumes, and some 40 copies remain, which the publisher was going to
throw out. Rather than see this heritage being destroyed, I have purchased these remaining
copies for the family (at my own expense), and will be happy to send them to anyone on the
family for cost of 80shekel plus postage (probably about 50 shekel), so all together around $35.
LF - Webmaster -please contact me if you want a copy.



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