The Frumkins

Why the name Frumkin?

Arye Leib was born to Rabbi Shmuel Kelmer (from Kelm) and Fruma Braude in 1845, after seven daughters. He chose the surname Frumkin, being the son of Fruma. The first three daughters of Shmuel Kelmer were born to Zlota, Fruma's older sister, and when she died Shmuel married the younger sister, Fruma. We have an active family association which currently binds together the descendants of Rabbi Arye Leib Frumkin and also his older sister Freda Yona, who married Naftali Ivianski. For both these families we have the full family tree. Most of the the family are concentrated in Israel, England and the USA. We will be happy to find further connections to any other related families, and to anyone recognizing any links.

The Family Tree till Rabbi Arye Leib Frumkin.

Rabbi Arye Leib Frumkin's Writings

During Rabbi Arye Leib's turbulent life, he managed to find time to produce detailed scholarly studies including:

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