The Family Tree

There has been some discussion within the family as to what should appear on the Web. Meanwhile anyone who wishes to receive the family tree either on diskette or on a large printed chart, drop me a line For a look at a typical chart click here.

Family members do not seem to have any problem with the historical tree, but with current listing, so we can start with the two trees of descendants of Reb Shmuel Kelmer that we can trace and that begin 150 years ago.

             Freda Yona married Naftali Ivianski   and had 5 children        Arye Leib Frumkin married Sheina Hodes and had 6 children                       
  1. Hana Leah married Yakov Yisroel Neviaski
  2. Eta Raiza Married Jacob Ridker
  3. Eli Dov Ber Evans married Mary Bliden
  4. Devora Ivianski married Novitz
  5. Yakov Shmuel Evans married Bertha Bliden
  1. Sara Rivka married Haim Zvi Zeitlin
  2. Elka married Binyamin Yahalom
  3. Shmuel Aaron Frumkin married Libi Sher
  4. Hana Leah married Moshe Zvi Segal
  5. Eliyahu Ephraim married Rachel Rodogowski
  6. Rachel married Zacharia Dimson

Family members we would like contributions - pictures, stories for each of the branches, please get in touch.The links to

Hannah Leah Neviaski

Eliyahu Ephraim Frumkin, Elka Yahalom and Rachel Dimson

are active.

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