N E W S L E T T E R No 49

- September 2013

- Erev Rosh Hashana 5774

  1. Frumkin News
  2. Congratulations/Mazal Tov
  3. News Letter No 43 2009

Frumkin News

Dear Family,

This year the annual family reunion was celebrated on Independence Day at the home of Uri and Henriette Ofir in Herzlia. In addition to the family interaction and gastronomical experience, the family awarded the Aryeh Hazahav Medallion to the young Professor Assaf Levine for his outstanding research.
Danny Ofir, our torch bearer, in addition to presenting the medallion to Assaf Levine , recalled that we must always remember the special place of the women in the Frumkin family legacy and how Sheina Frumkin, Elka Yahalom and Shoshana Israelit held the family together in troubled times. 
Best wishes for Danny Ofir’s 80th birthday were given by Eti Lubashevski, Ora Levine, Danny’s daughter Michal Bashan and his brother Uri Ofir. Good wishes were conveyed to Danny’s wife Margalit, who has also reached 80 years old, but could not attend and Rami Ofir entertained the guests with his accordion.
Over a hundred people from four generations of the Frumkin and Strachlevich (Danny and Uri Ofir’s family) attended including family from abroad.

Professor Asaf Levin – Awarded the “Aryeh Zahav” Medallion

Asaf was born in 1974 in Ramat Hasharon to Ora Levin (nee Israelit) and Shabtai Levin z”l, who in his youth fought against the Nazis in the Russian Army.
From a young age Asaf showed his mathematical prowess and whilst still at school began University studies at the Tel-Aviv University. After receiving his first degree he continued his Masters and Doctorate in Operational Research in parallel to his army service being awarded several distinguished prizes along the way.
Prof. Levin received his Ph.D. degree in Operations Research from Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel (2003). From 2003 to  2004 he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Minerva Optimization Center, Technion, Haifa, Israel. He then joined the Department of statistics in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as a lecturer. 
Professor Levin joined the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion in 2008 as a Senior Lecturer, and since 2011 he is an Associate Professor.

In 2004 Assaf was awarded the Distinguished Award of the Israel Operational Research Society for his work in co-operation with Professor Rafi Hasson of Tel-Aviv University. In 2008 he was awarded the Glober-Klingman prize for the best article published in that year in the Networks Scientific Journal.
Asaf has published over 70 technical articles and publication in many prestigious publications, quite a feat, for someone of his age 
In 2005 he married Professor Leah Epstein from the Department of Mathematics of Haifa University and the couple who live in Haifa have worked together on numerous research projects and publications.
In recognition of his fine work and career the Frumkin Foundation have awarded him the “Aryeh Zahav Medallion” for 5773 and wish him all success in the future.





Bar and Bat Mitva

More Good News

In Memoriam

Leah Segal
Leah Segal (nee Zeidman) passed away in the summer of 2012. During the Second World War she was in the British Women’s Auxiliary Corps and was a trainer at the Sarafand military camp in Palestine. After the Second World War, Leah served a sergeant responsible for the auxiliary nurses in the Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mount of Olives.
In 1945 Captain Ben Zion (Ben) Segal, who had fought in the Western Desert came of one of his trips to the Holy Land, and on visiting the hospital was introduced to Leah Zeidman, by a friend. The two became friendly and Leah decided, on one of her leaves, to take the night train to Cairo, to meet Ben.
They decided to marry and in 1946 received military permission to marry as soldiers. The weding ceremony was conducted in the home of Professor Moshe Zvi and Hana Leah Segal in Arnona, Jerusalem. The couple then returned to Cairo, and from there after their release traveled to England.
The couple remained in England till the end of their days, where Ben Segal was a Professor of semitic
languages at the School of Oriental and African Studies. They had two children Maureen and Naomi and four grandchildren. May they rest in peace. 

Jacob Grossman (1930 - 2012)

Jacob Grossman was born in Jerusalem to Fruma Rachel (Nee Naviaski) and Joseph Grossman. His father Joseph was a builder in Jerusalem and built many of the memorable houses using new techniques based on concrete, revolutionary at that time, including that of the Nobel Laureate Shai Agnon.

In his youth Jacob studied at the Ma’ale and Eshkoli Schools in Jerusalem, and then at Gymnasia Herzlia when the family moved to Tel-Aviv. The War of Independence broke out when he was in twelfth grade and his class, which included many later well known public figures such as the High Court Judge Yitzchak Zamir and the Writer Israel Wisler (Pucho), were conscripted. The School agreed to let them complete their studies and graduate when the war broke out.

In the War of Independence, Jacob served in the newly formed Artillery Brigade that put into operation the first artillery weapons within the Israel Defense Forces. When the war was over he wished to study at the Technion, but with the lack of places he decided to travel to the USA. He completed his BS at the University of California and MS at the University of Southern California.  He spent much of his career perfecting the design of buildings using reinforced concrete, following in his father’s footsteps.

In 1957 Jacob joined Robert Rosenwasser Associates.  He became a partner in the firm in the 1970’s and the firm was later changed to “Rosenwasser / Grossman Consulting Engineers.” In 2002 Jacob took over the firm.  Jacob was responsible for the design of more than a thousand buildings constructed with their reinforced concrete techniques. These included many hospitals, hotels, factories, schools, sports facilities and many offices and residential buildings. Three of the buildings which Jacob designed were included in the 100 tallest buildings in the world at the time they were built. Jacob received numerous awards for his work, published many articles, assisted in changing many construction codes and was a member of many committees dedicated to the advancement of concrete construction. 

Jacob is survived by his wife Wanda and children Iris, Arnon, Lilit and Elana and their families. May he rest in peace.

   Yehudit Normand

Yehudit (nee Pedazur) who was married to Reli Normand living in Haifa, passed away after fighting a long difficult illness. She is survived by Reli and their children Eitan, Orit and Oren.

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