N E W S L E T T E R No 43

- September 2009

- Erev Rosh Hashana 5769

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Frumkin News

Dear Family,
We wish you all a Happy and Healthy new Year.
It has been a while since we published the News Letter in English, our usual correspondent has not been able to do it. But we are trying to get back into print, and with New Year Greetings, even if a little late. Over the last two years the family has met at family gatherings. Over Pesach in 2008, we gathered at Har Hazofim and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. On Yom Ha'azmaut in 2009 the gathering was held in the garden of Henriette and Uri Ofir in Herzlia. In the coming year we plan to hold the next family gathering during Hol Hamoed Pesach in Petach Tikva and the program will be sent out to you nearer the time. Meanwhile we look forward to hearing lots of good news from the family spread around the world.
Shana Tova - The Frumkin Foundation

A Second Lord in the Frumkin Family
On July 13th this year the House of Lords Appointments commission announced the appointment of Sir Jonathan Sacks the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations to the House of Lords.
Rabbi Sacks is a great grandson of Rabbi Arye Leib Frumkin, one of the founders of Petach Tikva. Rabbi Frumkin and Sheina's fifth child Eliyahu (Elias) grew up in Petach Tikva. He married Rachel Frumkin and settled in London taking over the family wine business. Rachel and Elias had four children - Aaron who married Sadie Shwartz, Gertie who married Rabbi Meyer Frydman, Rosie who married Wilfred Goldberg and Libby who married Louis Sacks - parents of Jonathan. The appointment was announced just in time for Libby's 90th Birthday celebrated in August - we wish her many more years of good health (till 120).
Rabbi Sacks, was Principal of Jews College, Rabbi in Golders Green and Marble Arch before being appointed Chief Rabbi. He has written several important books and is considered one of the leading religious thinkers of the time.
Lord Segal of Wytham: in 1962 the Queen bestowed the honour on Sam Segal one of Rabbi Frumkin's Grandsons. Sam was the son of Bible researcher Professor Moshe Zvi Segal and Hannah Leah, Sheina and Arye Leib's fourth child. Sam served as a Doctor and Officer in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, and married Molly Rollo, daughter of the Head of the Jewish community in Alexandria. He was elected to Houses of Parliament after the War, and was asked by Prime Minister Atlee to assist in the creation of the National Health. After his appointement as Lord in later life, he was instrumental in the building the relationship between Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat, prior to the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. He also succeeded in received a large number of Torah Scrolls - given to active communities both in Israel and the UK. Sam and Molly were survived by two daughters Maureen and Valerie and several grandchildren.

Bar Ilan University MA Publication on Rabbi AL Frumkin
Shani Pinto, a MA Student at Bar Ilan, from Petach Tikva has written a study entitled "From the old to the new - Rabbi Arye Leib Frumkin - Pioneer, Teacher, Researcher".
The study has been submitted for her Master's degree to the History of Israel Department under the guidance of Dr Meir Hildesheimer, a descendant of Rabbi Azriel Hildesheimer who was a good friend ans partner of Rabbi Frumkin in the setting up and running of the estate between 1884 - 1894.
The Frumkin Foundation intends to reprint the study that will be handed out at the next Family Gathering.

Meir Luboshinski saves British Sailors
Meir Luboshinsky and Eti Grossman married in Tel-Aviv at the beginning of the 1950's, having two children being Hezi and Dafna. Just before then in 1949, Meir was invited to the first British Ambassador to Israel to receive a certificate of honour and thanks from the British Government, for his brave rescue of British Salors who were caught in a storm off Tel-Aviv. This is the story:
In those days, the British Navy patrolled the shores of Israel searching for the refugee boats to send them back to Europe, even to Germany, or to the internment camps in Cyprus. Meir rescued the crew of HMS Ampleforth, caught out at sea off of the coast of Tel-Aviv.
Meir served in "Palyam" the Naval Arm of the "Palmach" and would regularly sail to Cyprus to smuggle in Hagana leaders, boat captains and immigrants. To cover up his activities he worked in the Tel-Aviv port.
On the 23rd January 1947 Meir became aware of a British ship in trouble, which had run aground on the Tel-Aviv sands. With two friends he took a boat and rowed out to the ship to rescue the sailors. The sea was very rough and their boat overturned and they had to return to the port. Meir then took a long rope which he tied around himself and swam out to the ship. His friends stayed on the shore holding the rope from the other end. When he reached the ship, he climbed the mast and attached the rope as an omega, and took the sailors across one by one.
After the establishment of the State of Israel, many countries around the world established diplomatic relations with Israel and set up the embassies in Tel-Aviv (not recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital). One of the first acts of the new British ambassador was to present Meir Luboshinsky with a certificate of honour from the British Government, under the protection of the British King.
The presentation ceremony was held on the 16th June 1949 at the Embassy in Tel-Aviv and was reported in all the press. The certificate hangs proudly in the home of
Eti and Meir z"l

ROYAL HUMANE SOCIETY instituted 1774
Supported by Voluntary Contributions
PRESIDENT, H.R.H. the Duke of Gloucester, K.G.
At a Meeting of the Committee of the Royal Humane Society
Held at Watergate House, York Buildings, Adelphi, W.C.2.
On the 13th day of January 1948
Present Admiral Sir Percy L.H. Noble, G.B.E.,K.C.B., C.V.O, in the Chair LL.D.,
It was Resolved Unanimously
That M E I R LUBOCHINSKY is justly entitled
To the Honorary Testimonial of this Society inscribed on Vellum,
Which is hereby awarded him for having on the 23rd January1947 gone to the rescue of the crew of the s.s. "Ampleforth" who were in imminent danger of drowning in the sea at Tel- Aviv Port, Palestine, and whose lives he gallantly assisted to save.
(-)President (- )Secretary (-) Chairman


Please accept our good wishes for a very healthy New Year and may peace come soon.

Sincerely yours,
The Frumkin Foundation

In addition, we will be very happy notifications by e-mail.
Please send them to the following address
Danny Ofir 26 Bavli Tel-Aviv 62917 Tel: 03-5460688
Or to: webmaster@frumkin.org.il


Moshe and Naomi Craimer on the birth of their son Zalman (51-14129). grandson to Jeffery and Rivka Craimer.

Chaim and Rachel Craimer, on the birth of a their son Isser David (51-14154), grandson to Jeffrey and Rivka Craimer.

Shlomi and Chaya Craimer on the birth of their daughter Pesha Rochel (51-14147), grandson to Jeffrey and Rivka Craimer.

Batsheva and Ephraim Ansbacher on the birth of their son Simcha Arye (51-14171), grandson to Jeffrey and Rivka Craimer

Meir and Emma Craimer on the birth of their son Yehuda Dovid (51-14222). grandson to Jonathan and Judy Craimer.

Rafi and Shoshana Miller on the birth of their daughter (51-12243). granddaughter to Laurence and Carol-Ann Miller.

Avi and Rachel Rose on the birth of twin girls (51-14314, 51-14315), granddaughters to Gillian and Philip Rose.

Naftali and Esther Rose on the birth of their daughter Racheli (51-14324). granddaughter to Gillian and Philip Rose

Joshua and Yocheved Rose on the birth of their daughter Ayala Pesha Rachel (51-14333), granddaughter to Gillian and Philip Rose.

Moshe and Suzy Wiess on the birth of their son Reuven Aharon (51-17411), grandson to Elissa Rabinowitz-Weiss

Eli and Chagit Bender on the birth of their son Yair (51-13223) grandson to Gerald Bender

Naftali and Zahava Nevies on the birth of their son Dov Neri Nevies (51-1536) grandson to Nachum æ"ì and Josey Nevies

Daniel and Ilana Friedmann on the birth of their daughter Ayala (51-17221), granddaughter to Michelle and Lenny Friedmann.

Aviva and Avi Barash on the birth of their son Lavie (51-17213) grandson to Michelle and Lenny Friedmann.

Taylor and Dave Caroll, on the birth of their son Le-am Eliyahu (51-61112), grandson to Iris and Rod Pimental and greatgrandson to Wanda and Yakov Grossman (USA)

Deborah (Zeitlin) and Nicholas Alexander, on the birth of their son Joshua (81-6211), a grandson for Professor Harry and Linda Zeitlin (London).

Ya'ara and Guy Kalmanowitz, on the birth of their daughter Naomi (83-1113), granddaughter to Amos and Ayala Frumkin.

Ronit and Ohad Nir, on the birth of their son Peleg (82-32223), grandson to Shifra and Yakov Nir, greatgrandson to Yehudit Ginat.

Shlomit and Gad Levine, on the birth of their daughter Na'ama (82-3423), granddaughter to Ora and Shabtai Levine.

Chen (Frydman) and Aviel Barnett on the birth of their daughter Alma Devora (85-2232), granddaughter to Louis and Aviva Frydman.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Yehuda Nevies (51-1625), son of Alan and Roisy Nevies, Grandson of Saul æ"ìand Sheila Nevies.

Gideon Nevies (51-1632), son of Mark and Naomi Nevies , Grandson of Saul æ"ìand Sheila Nevies.

Eden (51-3111), daughter of Ayelet Kugel and granddaughter to Elisheva and Moti Bar-Dagan.

Daniel Meir Lavie (51-6213) son of Aviva and Hezie Lavie, grandson of Eti Luboshinsky.

Efrat Bashan (82-5124), daughter of Michal and Yishai Bashan, granddaughter of Margalit and Danny Ofir.

Osnat Csillag (84-1223) daughter of Tamar and Eyal Csillag, granddaughter of Ruth and Mordechai Kramer.


Shoshana Miller (51-1226) daughter of Laurence and Carol-Ann Miller on her marriage to Aaron Hass.

David Baigel (51- 1213) son of Barbara æ"ì and Frank Baigel on his marriage to Shira Rosenberg.

Dov Nevies (51-1621), son of Alan and Rosie Nevies, on his marriage to Michal Bloom.

Sammy Shmuel Dovid Fraenkel (51-1713), son of Rivka and Gershon Fraenkel, on his marriage to Rina Zaguri.

Eitan Normend (82-1111) son of Yehudit and Reli Normend, on his marriage to Racheli Maor.

Ariel Gispan (84-1211), son of Michal and Yitzchak Gispan, grandson of Ruth and Mordechai Kramer on his marriage to Dorit Makov.

Special congratulations to

Libby Sacks on her 90th Birthday

Michael Lavie (51-6212) son of Hezi and Aviva Lavi on his joining the army.

Ilana and Shimon Gewirtz, parents of Aviva (51621a) on their aliya.

Tomer Gvirtzman (51-6311), son of Dafna and Ra'anana Gvitzman on his wining of the Piano Competition At Midreshat Sdei Boker.

Eden Ginat (82-3232), daughter of Orna and Arye Ginat on joining the army.

Adi Odeni (82-3241) son of Mira and Alon Odeni on joining the army.

Tamar Bashan (82-5122), daughter of Michal and Yishai Bashan, on release from the army.

Yuval Bashan (82-5123), son of Michal and Yishai Bashan on joining the Shnat Sherut.

Moriel Wolloch (82-5211), daughter of Topaz Ofir and Mark Wolloch, on finishing school studies and joining the pre-army academy

Aviva Frydman on her retirement as a nurse from Laniado hospital


Shifra Nir (82-32223a) on the death of her father Moshe Haber æ"ì

Aviva Frydman (85-22a)on the death of her mother Betty Gold æ"ì

"Oshrat Frydman (85-222a) on the death of her mother Tamar Herz æ"ì


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