N E W S L E T T E R No 39

- September 2006

- Erev Rosh Hashana 5767

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  2. Congratulations/Mazal Tov
  3. News Letter No 35 2003

Frumkin News

Dear Family,


Please accept our best wishes for a very happy New Year and well over the Fast.

We are pleased to invite you to the forthcoming trip, which will take place on Chol Hamoed Succot, Tuesday October 10th.
On the gathering we will commemorate the 80th birthday of Yehudut (Iaraelit) Ginat, and will speak about many members of the family who worked in the fields and sent out fruit and vegetables by ship to England.

Frumkin Forests
Shoshana Israelit and her family came from the forest world and her father, Benjamin Yahalom, planted grape and almond forests and after that, forests for him and for his family. He therefore continued his work with his son-in-law Rabbi Arieh Leib Frumkin, who already 130 years ago planted in Petach Tikva - the origin of the foundations - 250,000 orange, lemon and etrog trees.

Program in the Rechovot Museums
We therefore found that the suitable place is the Park Museum in Rechovot which was recently established in Rechovot. This museum represents the bar and pool of the forest and especially the "Baker" - the wrapping place of oranges in advance of despatch to ants.
To our surprise, Etti Lubochinski-Lavie brought to our notice that Rabbi Frumkin was personally involved in the buying of lands in Rechovot, as mentioned in the first book of his first Aliya.

The program is as follows:
11.15 a.m. Meeting at the Visitors' Center of Weizmann Institute (The main entrance from Herzl Street, the main street of Rchovot) no. 240. The inspector at the gate will show the visitors how to get to the Visitors' Center, which exists immediately after the entrance, with a free parking place right at the interior road. Light refreshments will be given on behalf of the Frumkin Foundation. In this place there is also a restaurant and W.C. It is also possible to arrive at the Weizmann Institute by train or bus, and also a short journey by taxi from the train station to the Institute.

11.30 a.m. Audiovisual program about the Weizmann Institute at the Visitors' Center of the Institute, showing the events of the State of Israel in different regions of knowledge, in the actuality of the State of Israel and its people.
12.00 p.m. A party in honour of Yehudit Ginat on her 80th birthday. Blessings, present and family stories. We will also distribute a book about the Family Park and will take a large family photo.
12.45 p.m. A picnic on the lawns of the Weizmann Institute. It is required to bring folding chairs and every family should bring its meal. There is also a cafeteria there.
2.00 p.m. A trip in Rechovot to the "Pardesanut Museum", established by the "Chevra LeHaganat HaTeva" and the Council for Preservation of Sites. Also a guided tour of the Museum (entrance fees: Child and old age person: NIS13.-; adult NIS17.-).
3.00 p.m. Termination. All those interested can also visit the Ayalon Institute - the underground institute of "Hagana" (which existed under the large washing machine of the Givat HaKibbutzim) for the production of weapons in the underground.This exists near the "Pardesanut Museum" and the entrance fee is similar to that of the Pardesanut Museum.

We shall be happy to see you at the meeting.
Sincerely yours,
The Executive of the Frumkin Foundation

For further communication: Daniel Ophir, at home: 03-5460688; at Beit HaTanach: 03-5166393.

Contributions to the Frumkin Foundation will be gratefully received by:
Daniel Ophir 26 Bavli Street Tel Aviv 62917
Angela Cohen 23 Karni StreetRamat Aviv 69025

In addition, we will be very happy to receive your e-mail addresses. Please send them to the following address: webmaster@frumkin.org.il


Together with good wishes for a happy New Year, the Frumkin Foundation extends hearty congratulations and Mazal Tov to:


Helen and Jonathan Beigel, on the birth of their son Daniel Henry (51-12121), grandson for Barbara and Frank Beigel.

Sharon and Martin Portnoy, on the birth of their son Abraham (51-122224), grandson for Carol Anne and Laurence Miller.

Chaya and Shimon Miller, on the birth of their son Yair Simacha (51-12232), grandson for Carol Anne and Laurence Miller, Manchester.

Chagit and Elli Bender, on the birth of their son Ariel Zvi (51-13221), grandson for Gerald Bender.

Frances and Alon Maskarsi, on the birth of their daughter Rachel (51-21211), granddaughter for Davida and Mendel Feingold.

Sophie and Yoni Dichter, on the birth of their daughter Bella Sarna (51-21331), granddaughter for Barbara (Feingold) and Max Blackstone.

Shulamit and Oren Gamliel, on the birth of their daughter (51-22121), granddaughter for Elle and Reuven Ben-Dov, Jerusalem.

Vered and Eldad Eilat, on the birth of twins, son Yosef Chaim Chimon (51-31311) and daughter Bracha Chaya (51-31312), grandchildren for Dina (Beit Appel).

Taylor and David Leinkroll, on the birth of their son Dan (51-61111), grandson for Iris and David Pimenthal, greatgrandson for Venda and Yaakov Grossman.

Miri and Danny Gevirtzman, on the birth of their daughter Ruth (51-6332).

Ronit and Oded Nir, on the birth of their daughter Arielle (82-32222), granddaughter for Shifa and Yaakov Nir, and greatgranddaughter for Yehudit Ginat, Modi'in.

Ella and Roni Ofir, on the birth of their daughter Gali (82-52311), granddaughter for Uri Ophir and greatgranddaughter for Chemda Kreizer.

Ya'ara and Guy Kalmanovitz, on the birth of their son Yoel Chaim (83-1112), grandson for Ayala and Amos Frumkin, and greatgrandson for Ruth Frumkin and the late Chaim Yaakov Frumkin.

Shoshana Baron, on the birth of her second son Yehoshua (86-1122), grandson for Dr. Wendy Baron (daughter of the late Gladys and Dr. Samuel Dimson), Latrun.

Ilana (Weill) and Yeshayahu Sirkis, on the birth of their son (86-2211), grandson for Shalva Weill and greatgrandson for Phyllis and David Dimson.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Shir Nevies (51-1531), daughter of Zahava and Naftali Nevies, on her Bat Mitzvah.

Daniella Nevies (51-1631), daughter of Naami and Mark Nevies, on her Bat Mitzvah.

Engagement and Marriage

Zvi Gedalya Friedmann (51-1722), daughter of Michelle and Lenny Friedmann, on his marriage to Na'ama Vigoda.

Daniel Friedman (51-1723), son of Michelle and Lenny Friedman, on his engagement to Ilana Friedlander (Jerusalem).

Osher Sharon Cohen (82-3211), son of Daphna and Arieh Cohen, on his engagement to Shari Arad from Kibbutz Machanayim.

Benjamin Dimson (86-213), son of Helen and Prof. Elroy Dimson, on his marriage to Alexandra Myers, London,

Other events

Congratulations to Dina (51-313) and Israel Rafaeli, on their arrival from South Africa to Jerusalem after 25 years.

Congratulations to Rose Goldberg (85-3) on her 90th birthday. May she live to 120!!

Congratulations to Phyllis and David Dimson (86-2) on the 60th anniversary of their marriage.

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