R Shmuel Kelmer's Sefer Torah

R Shmuel Kelmer (R Arye Leib Frumkin's Father)wrote his own Sefer Torah and bequested it to his son.
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R Arye Leib was instructed not to take the Sefer Torah out of Jerusalem nor ever to sell it.
  We are not sure what happened to R Shmuel's Sefer Torah, but there is now a wonderful new chapter 
        to add to the story.

R Arye Leib Frumkin's son Eliyahu Ephraim started a small Shool - the Frumkin Shteibel in 1927
in Seven Sisters Road, London, which ran for many years.

The Shteibel was closed in the 1980's, but two Sifrei Torah in need of serious repair remained within the family.

The first Sefer Torah has now been brought to Israel, corrected, and in use in a new young community in Jerusalem started by a great grandson of Eliyahu Ephraim and there will be a Hachnasat Sefer Torah of this Sefer and a new one written by another family on R Chodesh Sivan (10th May)

ר שמואל קלמר כתב בעצמו ספר תורה בליטא והביא אותה לירושלים
לא ברור מה עלה בגורל של אותו ספר תורה אבל לשמחתנו יש סגירת מעגל מרגש

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