Sidney Frumkin - Bull Fighter

We were recently contacted about a very interesting Frumkin, although no relation, his story deserves to be told. Born Sidney Frumkin in 1903 in Brooklyn, N.Y. His father was a middle class property owner. He was the fourth or fifth of nine children. In 1921 he sailed to Havana then Verzcruz and finally Mexico City where he set up a successful printing business. At some stage he changed his name to Sidney Franklin.

He eventually was called on to print bullfighting posters. In the end he attended a bullfight and after remarking that it didn't look all that hard he was goaded into trying it for himself. After several years in Mexico he sailed to Spain, the first American fighter ever to appear in a Spanish bull ring. He was an instant sensation. Hemingway followed him around, wrote about him in the book Death in the Afternoon. He eventually became a professional and highly respected fighter. Franklin appeared in a number of films in the USA and Mexico. Later he presented bullfights on American TV. His wrote an autobiography - Bullfighter from Brooklyn.He died in 1976

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