Family News and Events -2010

On this page is a summary of recent events in the family circle that we know about. Please send details of any family happening with photographs etc.

Mazaltov to

To Sharon and Martin Portnoi, a daughter Rosie (5112225) granddaughter for Laurence and Carol Ann Miller
To Shani and Aaron Hass a daughter Naama (5112261) granddaughter for Laurence and Carol Ann Miller
To Mark and Abigail Miller a son Gad Netanel (51-12216) grandson for Laurence and Carol Ann Miller
To Shimon and Chaya Miller a daughter Michal Roza (5112234) granddaughter for Laurence and Carol Ann Miller
To Neil and Alex Hart a daughter Laura Maizie (5112312) granddaughter for Ruth and Mike Hart
To Gidon and Keren Bender a son Assaf (51-12312) grandson for Gerald Bender and Ruthie Harow - March 2010
To Avi and Yaffa Craimer a son Netanel (5114119) grandson for Jeffrey and Rivka Craimer
To Yehuda and Mirelle Craimer, a son Ze'ev (5114163) grandson for Jeffrey and RIvka Craimer
To Yitzchak and Leah Craimer a son Eliezer Kalman (5114139) grandson for Jeffrey and Rivka Craimer
To Uri and Dinah Fraenkel a daughter Chaya Bracha (5117113) granddaughter for Rivka and Gershon Fraenkel
To Hindi and Daniel Feingold a daughter Rivka Bayla (5121227), granddaughter for Mendel and Davida Feingold
To Sophie and Yoni Dichter twin daughters Emma and Gabrielle (5121332/3) granddaughters for Babara and Max Blackston
To Jon and Lisa Zeitlin twin daughters Eli Miles and Noa True (814122/3), December 2009
To Oliver and Dina White a son Gedalya Harel (854122) Grandson for Rabbi Jonathan and Elaine Sacks - June 2009
To Joshua and Eve Sacks a son Zev Uriel (854113) grandson for Rabbi Jonathan and Elaine Sacks - April 2010
To Tamara and Zecharia Reznick a daughter Nechama Rosa (853314) granddaughter to Jack and Rosalind Goldberg - July 2010
To Benjy and Samantha Golberg a son Aron Zvi (853321) grandson to Jack and Rosalind Goldberg - June 2009
To Ilan and Oshrat Frydman a daughter Temima Nechama (852224) granddaughter for Louis and Aviva Frydman - July 2010
To Benjy and Alex Dimson a daughter Millie Georgina (862131) granddaughter to Elroy and Helen Dimson - April 2010
To Susie and Ian Gabbie a daughter (862123) granddaughter for Elroy and Helen Dimson - August 2010
To Shalom and Yotvat Weil, a son Ma'ayan Kedem(862223), grandson for Shalva Weil - December 2009.
To Ilana and Yeshayahu Sirkis a son Haggai David (862212) grandson for Shalva Weil.

To Anna Finn (511641) daughter of Elissa and David Finn on her marriage to Dov Birnbaum
To Yehuda Leib Nevies (511111) son of Eliezer and Tchiya Nevies on his marriage to Yehudit Haschel
To Sarah Nevies (511717) daughter of Robert and Leah Nevies on her marriage to Yehuda Spitzer
To Moshe Fraenkel (511717) son of RIvka and Gershon Fraenkel on his marriage to Hanna Graj
To Zalman Hainovitch ( 815214) son of Chaya Rubens and Moshe Hainovitch on his marriage to Rebecca Finley

Bar and Bat Mitva
To Issur Dovid Craimer (5114123) son of Moshe and Naomi Craimer on his Barmitzva
To Re'em Nevies (5114123) son of Naftali and Zahava Nevies on his Barmitzva
To Avital Nevies (511633) daughter of Mark and Naomi Nevies on her Batmitva

More Good News
To Yasmin Yashvi (513252) daughter of Hana and Muki Yashvi of Kibbutz Maoz Haim on completing her army service
To Eti Luboshinski (5162). On completing 23 years as the founder and board member of the Foundation for a Fair Chance for Children. Eti is an active membr of the Frumkin Foundation and wrote the book "The Israelit Family" and was awarded the Golden Lion Medal (Ayre Zahav) in 1995.
To Ra'anan Gvirtzman (51-631) The Managing Director of Broadlight son of Ora and Yehuda Gvirtzman (z"l) on receiving the MD of the Year in High Tech Award 2009
To Rachel Levine (517211) daughter of David Levine who received her Masters degree in 2009 from Hunter College. She is now working with autistic children.
To Michael Lavi ( 516212)as a officer in the Artillery as was his father Hezie Lavi and his uncle Yaacov Grossman
To Ben Levine (517212) son of David Levine who graduated with honors in Religion and Classics from the University of Rochester and has been accepted for graduate school at the University of Chicago.
To Sara Purvin, (517112) daughter of Drs. Nina and Arthur Purvinwho graduated from Oberlin College
To Brandon Epstein (517121) son of Helene and Brad Epstein who graduated from High School and will attend John Hopkins University in the fall.
To Elroy Dimson who has been appointed an Emeritus Professor at London Business School July 2010.
To Shimon & Ilana Gewirtz parents of Aviva Lavi (51621) who made aliya this past year to Kfar Saba from Del Rey Beach Florida and are active members in the shul Hod V'Hadar. They are very happy to be living in Israel near family ( 6 grandchildren in Jerusalem's old city and 3 grandchildren in Tel Aviv)

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